Hello Birds Lover Friend! Won’t be long now and we are so excited! Precious macaw coming soon!! Thanks SO MUCH for viewing our pics and reading our information. We can’t wait to assist you with adding a furry one to your home and hearts! If it’s not an african grey you are hoping for, keep in mind we may have retiring adults available who are fully vetted and pre-spoiled before arriving to you as well as macaw rescues. we do have litters planned for spring and summer though if it’s a baby cockatoo that is in your dreams! .We may see merles, merle with tan, cream and cream sable to blues,,Macaw and also Amazon Parrots or Caique Parrots, Eclectus Parrots , Rainbow Lorikeet, or even parti marked. We have beautiful macaw and stunning little daddy’s that are loved in our farm as treasured pets first and foremost! All parrot are raised in our farm with the utmost of care, love and training. Parrot birds will be assessed and fairly priced at the appropriate age. Our birds prices generally range from 450-1500.00. Deposits (500.00) are paid to hold a bird and then payments can be made on balance. parrot do not leave till their size, age and abilities allow them to be safe, apart from baby parrots breed . Parrot delivery is make easier Some times we are also able to fly the birds ourself. Travel is at buyers expense. The safety of our birds is top priority. We will not ship cargo. We would love to answer any questions you have as well as find out more about you and the home you would provide one of our cherished birds. When you purchase a bird from Us, you become a part of our huge, fur loving family. All our families love to share pics, stories and fun times with one another as they are Parrot lovers just like you . Rollic vincent is ready to assist you and we are excited you are ready to find out about our fur parrot birds. We will be there with you every step of the way and for the life of this birds! We will always provide a forever return home for any bird produced here should the day come you can not care for your furry one! We hope we will talk to you soon! (Pictures posted are of past parrot birds / Present some adults and are not of birds or baby birds that are available) We can’t wait to chat and then set up a time to talk with you!

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