Blauwvleugelparkiet te koop




The blue-winged parrot is a slender parrot with an olive green head and upper body, which turns light green on the front neck. The upper tail is green-blue, with yellow sides. The belly is yellow and there may be an orange in the center of the belly. A yellow facial spot runs back to the eye. A narrow, dark blue band runs across the forehead from eye to eye. The blue-winged parrot gets its name from the large, dark blue spot on its wings. The female is similar to the male, but with slightly duller colors. The blue-winged parrot is also known as the blue-banded or grass parrot; the blueband or Hobart budgerigar; and the blue-banded or blue-winged budgerigar.

Our parrots can’t wait to meet you and become part of your family as our parrots are ready to go to their new homes now.

All our parrots are

Hand fed
Hand in the air
DNA sexed

hatch certificate
CITES Article 10 paperwork
negative PBFD and Psitticosis test
comes with: travel cage, food package, toy package

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