Blue and Gold Macaw Eggs 


Blue and Gold Macaws (Ara ararauna) are striking birds known for their vibrant plumage and social behavior. When it comes to their eggs, here’s some detailed information:

 Egg Characteristics:
Size and Appearance: Blue and Gold Macaw eggs are typically white and oval-shaped. They measure about 1.5 to 2 inches (38 to 50 mm) in length.
Clutch Size: A typical clutch consists of 2-3 eggs, although it can vary from 1 to 4 eggs.
Incubation Period: The incubation period lasts around 24-28 days. Both parents often participate in the incubation process, although the female usually does the majority of the sitting.
Hatching: The chicks are altricial, meaning they hatch blind, naked, and helpless. They rely entirely on their parents for warmth and food.

 Breeding Behavior:
Nesting: Blue and Gold Macaws usually nest in tree cavities in the wild, often choosing tall, sturdy trees in tropical and subtropical forests.
Breeding Season: In the wild, the breeding season varies depending on the geographic location but typically occurs during the dry season when food is more readily available.
Parental Care: After hatching, both parents care for the chicks. The chicks fledge (leave the nest) at about 3 months old but may stay with their parents for several more months to learn essential survival skills.

Conservation and Captive Breeding:
Wild Population: Blue and Gold Macaws are not currently endangered, but their populations are threatened by habitat destruction and the pet trade. Conservation efforts are crucial to protect their natural habitats.
– Captive Breeding: In captivity, breeding Blue and Gold Macaws requires a controlled environment with proper nesting boxes, diet, and care. Successful breeding programs can help reduce the pressure on wild populations.

Tips for Breeding in Captivity:
Environment: Provide a spacious aviary with plenty of enrichment and a secure nesting box.
– Diet: Ensure a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and specially formulated pellets to support the health of the breeding pair.
– Monitoring**: Regularly check the health of the eggs and the parents. Be prepared to assist with incubation or chick-rearing if necessary.

Understanding the breeding and care requirements for Blue and Gold Macaw eggs is essential for their successful reproduction and conservation, whether in the wild or in captivity.

With our recent move to acreage we have been able to implement a long-standing desire of mine to successfully set up large aviaries and keep a number of pairs of large Macaws. Previous attempts at keeping birds has failed due to high levels of noise and re-location. We have set up large aviaries which have both indoor & outdoor access which allows us to manage weather extremes and the high noise levels that comes with keeping large parrots. The custom modified shed that we have designed provides the backdrop for four large aviaries housing all pairs of Macaws. Eight pairs of Blue & Gold Macaws including the jaw dropping ‘Opaline’ mutation with the interesting sex-linked mode of inheritance when considering replication & the straight forward recessive ‘Lutino’ mutation. Over the coming years we hope to replicate and further the viability of these colours which are still in their infancy in the bird hobby. Finally, we have a pair of the large & impressive Green Wing Macaws which have amazing personalities


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