Blue -Throated Macaw Parrots For Sale


Blue -Throated Macaw Parrots For Sale



The blue-throated macaw parrot (Ara glaucogularis; previously Ara caninde), also known as the Caninde macaw or Wagler’s macaw, is a macaw endemic to a small area of north-central Bolivia, known as Los. In 2014 this species was designated by law  as a natural patrimony of Bolivia, where it is known as Barba  Azul, which means ‘blue beard’ in Spanish. Until 2010, it was hunted by natives to make feathered “Moxeño” headdresses for “machetero” ritual dances.

Recent population and range estimates suggest that about 350–400 individuals remain in the wild. Its demise was brought upon by nesting competition, avian predation, and a small native range, exacerbated by indigenous hunting and capture for the pet trade. Although plentiful in captivity, it is  critically endangered in the wild and is protected by trading prohibitions.

The name “Wagler’s macaw” is in honor of German herpetologist, who processed many of Brazilian collections at the Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich, and first described the blue macaws for a European readership in Monographia  Psittacorum (1832).

We have the special Blue -Throated Macaw Parrots For Sale as listed).

Blue -Throated Macaw Parrots For Sale

Blue -Throated Macaw Parrots For Sale Online

Blue -Throated Macaw Parrots For Sale Near Me

Cheap Blue -Throated Macaw Parrots For Sale

Cheap Blue -Throated Macaw Parrots For Sale Online

They are well raised and socialized.

They come with;
*DNA test
*CITES certificate
*Current veterinary certificate
*Health certificate
*Hatching Certificate
*Care Sheet/Fact Sheet
*Diet Sheet

Banded: Yes

Length:76cm-100cm (30in-39in)

Weight:0.9kg-2kg (2lbs-4.4lbs)

Talking Ability : Yes 100% Guaranteed

Age : 1 Year

DNA Sex: Males & Females

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