Meinungen zur Zucht von Sittichen und Papageien


So far I haven’t had any reservations about letting the peeps live out their breeding instinct. However, it has turned out that wild-colored birds that are not 100% wild type are not interested. In addition, there is the argument that it is not certain whether the little ones will be kept according to our wishes by new owners. So I have given up on allowing them to have offspring. Now at most on order. Otherwise, only as many as you can keep yourself. In the case of Amazona albifrons, however, I would keep them with a view to preserving the species, with the idea of releasing them back into the wild. But this is also a topic worth discussing, as it requires a lot of precision and professionalism.


Wellis and nymphis are unfortunately a consumable item. I would want to think carefully about whether I wanted that for the little ones – today. With neophemas, it’s more likely that they will be used for mutation breeding. I don’t want that either. Well, mine are now breeding on plastic eggs.



I know that there are a lot of people here who are very thoughtful, so I would like to know your opinions on breeding parakeets and parrots. Should you breed or not, would it be species-appropriate to stop it, or do you make a distinction between the different species.

For my part, I think it’s fine if I breed a budgie or two, but I don’t breed my parrots. I think I would have real problems finding someone for my offspring. A budgerigar has an average life expectancy of 6 years, which might be easy to keep track of. But gray parrots, or my white-fronted amazons, which live to be 30 or more years old, who would you want to or be able to sell such a parrot to?


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