Moluccan Cockatoo Parrot Eggs For Sale


Fertile Moluccan Cockatoo Parrot Eggs For Sale

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Moluccan Cockatoo Parrot Eggs For Sale

Moluccan cockatoo (salmon-crested cockatoos) are affectionate birds that bond strongly with their owners, thriving on social interaction. Moluccans are cuddly bird that tends to get clingy at times. As pets, they want to be as close to their human mate as they naturally would with a mate in the wild. This bird needs a dedicated owner. This parrot stands out from the rest because of its salmon-pink feathers and brilliantly colored crest. Their beauty rivals their boisterous, comical personalities.

Care & Feeding

House your Moluccan in the largest cage you can afford because they are large birds and need a lot of space. The cage also needs to be sturdy enough to prevent a Moluccan cockatoo from destroying it.  These are very social animals, and get along well with each other, so if you are not home often, you may want to consider getting two. This should not affect their pet quality. However, nesting Moluccan cockatoos are notorious for killing their mates — they are known for bird-on-bird aggression in a breeding situation.

Food for cockatoos should be nutritious, but should also include a foraging element as well. Cockatoos are fun-loving, intelligent, and energetic parrots, and their food should reflect those traits. Wild cockatoos forage all day for seeds and nuts, as well as coconuts and grain crops. Like all companion parrots, cockatoos do not thrive on birdseed alone. Cockatoo food shouldn’t be boring to eat, either, and will love foods like


Sweet and affectionate are understated descriptions. This cockatoo loves to be loved and wants nothing more than someone (bird or person) to be with at all times. As a pet, the Moluccan tends to turn into a one-person bird.

Moluccans are brilliant birds that thrive on challenges. They can learn to dance and do tricks and acts like an entertaining comedian when in a good mood.

While Moluccans are known to be extremely affectionate, males may get aggressive as they age. Any cranky cockatoo can bite, which is why they are not the right pet for families with children. This bird’s powerful beak is capable of cracking open tough nuts.

Speech and Vocalizations

Moluccans are not the best talking parrot. They can mimic some sounds, though many owners say that it’s more like yelling than talking. These birds are also screechers and will scream for attention when unhappy or no apparent reason. They are noisy, so they are not ideal for anyone with close neighbors.

Moluccan Cockatoo Colors and Markings

This species is easy to recognize by the bright pink feathers that adorn the base of its crest. It’s barely noticeable when the feathers are flat, but when the bird is excited, afraid, or angry, the crest will raise and show off its true beauty. Among the cockatoo species, their crest is one of the fullest, only rivaled by the umbrella cockatoo.

Besides the pop of color on their heads, Moluccan cockatoos are primarily white with salmon-colored feathers on their chests and wings. They have a beautiful pale yellow to peach color underneath their wings. Their beaks and feet are black but often appear gray due to the natural powdery down that the bird sheds.

You can tell the sexes apart when the bird has matured to at least 3 years old. Male cockatoos have black eyes and females have brownish-colored eyes.


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