Baby Quaker Talking Parrots, 4 months old


Quaker parrots love to snack. However, providing them with chew toys and accessories in their cage or aviary will allow them to do this without endangering the furniture during training time. A varied diet can prevent boredom. Mixed fruits, fresh vegetables and various seeds can prevent this, especially in young birds. Small, fat seeds like Quakers can be prone to weight gain. Avoid avocado, chocolate and caffeine as they are very harmful to parrots. Excellent flying skills are required, allowing practice and exploration. We have a wide range of cages, toys and accessories suitable for talking Quaker parrots.



We offer Quaker parrots. They are around 3 to 4 months old, which is the ideal age to tame them and develop a bond through regular human interaction. Both men and women are available, although at a young age the gender is not always as specific. We also sell yellow and green Quakers.

A brand new large open cave is available for an additional fee. All parrots come with a care card and items to help you care for your new pet. Bring a carrying bag or purchase one from our pet store. The Quaker parakeet, also known as the monk parakeet, is very popular. Their communication skills, friendly nature and affordable prices make them perfect first-time buyers. They are very intelligent and very easy to bond and tame. Available in different colors. Here at Birds 4U Pet Store we offer Blue Quakers. Each Quaker is different and may be blue or blue with blue feathers. Their ability to speak begins around 9 months of age and they are an intellectual species capable of learning quickly. Our little Quaker parrots are exceptionally intelligent and are 3-4 months old. This is therefore the ideal time to attract and meet new owners. Quakers are very emotional and loving and benefit from constant interaction with their caregivers, as this lack can lead to interpersonal problems. Quaker animals are very social.



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