Caiques Parrot Eggs For sale


Caique parrots are popular among bird enthusiasts due to their playful and energetic nature. If you’re interested in caique parrot eggs, here are some key points to consider:

 Breeding and Egg Laying
1. Maturity and Breeding Age: Caiques typically reach sexual maturity around 3-4 years old.
2. Breeding Season: In captivity, caiques can breed year-round, though they often follow a natural breeding season similar to their wild counterparts, usually in the spring and early summer.
3. Nest Boxes: Provide a suitable nesting box, typically around 12×12 inches, with a 3-inch diameter entrance hole. Line the box with soft wood shavings or other safe nesting material.

Egg Incubation
1. Clutch Size: Caiques usually lay between 3-5 eggs per clutch.
2. Incubation Period: The incubation period for caique parrot eggs is approximately 25-27 days.
3. Temperature and Humidity: If using an incubator, maintain the temperature around 99.5°F (37.5°C) and humidity at about 50-55%.

Care for Hatchlings
1. Feeding: Initially, hatchlings should be fed by the parents. If hand-rearing, special formula designed for parrot chicks is necessary.
2. Weaning: Begin the weaning process around 10-12 weeks of age, introducing soft solid foods gradually.
3. Socialization: Regular handling and interaction from an early age help in socializing the chicks, making them more comfortable around humans.

General Tips
Health Monitoring: Regularly check the health of breeding pairs and chicks. Look for signs of illness or distress.
Veterinary Support: Establish a relationship with an avian veterinarian for routine health checks and in case of any breeding complications.
Diet: Ensure breeding pairs receive a nutritious diet rich in calcium and other essential nutrients to support egg production and chick development.

Breeding caique parrots requires careful attention and dedication, but it can be a rewarding experience for bird lovers. Make sure to research thoroughly and prepare adequately to provide the best care for both the adult birds and their offspring.


The Green thigh Caique is currently the most popular and least common of the three types Caique known in aviculture. In terms of behavior, they sit me between the Black head and Yellow thigh. What especially in birds that are close to the import of birds sit, so that only grown with few generations has been noticeable in aviculture.


Caiques Parrot Eggs For sale

Caique parrots, known for their vibrant colors and playful personalities, can be bred in captivity, and understanding their egg-laying process is crucial for successful breeding. Here’s a comprehensive guide about caique parrot eggs:

Egg-Laying Process
1. Mating: Before egg-laying, caiques need to mate. Ensure they are a compatible pair, ideally having bonded over time.
2. Nesting: Provide a suitable nesting box lined with soft materials like wood shavings. Caiques prefer a quiet, undisturbed location for nesting.
3. Egg Laying: The female caique will typically lay a clutch of 3-5 eggs. Eggs are laid every other day.
4. Incubation: Incubation usually starts after the second or third egg is laid. The female does most of the incubating, with the male occasionally taking over.

Incubation Period
– Duration: The incubation period for caique eggs is about 24-26 days.
– Temperature and Humidity: Maintain a stable temperature around 99.5°F (37.5°C) and humidity between 55-60%.

Care and Handling
– Minimal Disturbance: Disturb the nesting box as little as possible to avoid stressing the birds.
– Observation: Regularly but discreetly check for any signs of problems such as broken eggs or abandoned clutches.

– Hatchlings: Once hatched, chicks are altricial (born blind and featherless) and entirely dependent on their parents.
– Feeding: The parent caiques will feed their chicks regurgitated food. Ensure the parent birds have a nutritious diet.

Tips for Success
– Healthy Diet: Provide a balanced diet rich in calcium and protein to support the female during egg-laying and the subsequent feeding of chicks.
– Veterinary Care: Regular check-ups with an avian vet can prevent and address potential health issues.
– Record Keeping: Keep detailed records of laying dates, hatching dates, and chick development to monitor progress and identify any issues early.

By providing the right environment, diet, and care, you can ensure the successful breeding and rearing of caique parrot chicks.

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