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Cockatiels probably represent the smallest of the cockatoos, although there is some controversy surrounding this classification. Cockatiels are common as aviary birds and they make excellent pets.
The cockatiel is a small parrot (approximately 32 cm or 12.5 in) with an erectile crest and long retrices or tail feathers.
Cockatiel Coloration (Grey Cockatiel)
The standard or wild type cockatiel is predominately grey with yellow, orange, and white accents. Many color mutations exist including lutino, cinnamon, fallow, whiteface, pied, silver, olive, yellow cheek, and pearl.
Cockatiels are granivores and frugivores. Free-ranging birds feed on grass seeds, grains, berries, and other fruits. Feed companion birds a varied diet to decrease the likelihood of obesity.
Since psittacine birds hull seeds before ingestion, they do not require grit. In fact, some individuals will overeat grit when ill putting them at risk for impaction.
All-seed diets are deficient in protein, vitamins, and minerals including calcium and vitamin A.
Our birds are all ready!
Message us to book for one, or two.. male and female cockatiel birds available for rehoming.
Interested persons only 😌
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Young baby cockatiel for sale, hand tame Does not bite very friendly great with kids, has started to do do a few whistles sounds, will sit on your shoulder and sometimes on your head as well! able to handle with both your hands. Not sure of the gender.
Unfortunately does not come with a cage for any more information please feel free to message
Sensible offers may be accepted.
Collection only

Age: 3 months old
Gender: female
Status: Available
Posted: 07/07/2023
1-year health Guarantee
Good with kids and other pets
Hand Feed, Hand tamed
Shipping and Delivery Available


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