Corella Cockatoo For Sale


Licmetis is a subgenus of white cockatoos (genus Caparrotua). Corellas are commonly known in Australia. Three of the six species are found primarily or exclusively in Australia, while the Philippines, Indonesia and the Solomon Islands have one endemic species each. Cockatoos are relatively small and, unlike members of the Caparrot subgenus, all have pale beaks. Although most have yellowish underparts and some red on the face, none have a brightly colored crest.


Long Billled Corella Cockatoo Hand Tame & Talking in Birmingham

You have been looking for such a beautiful parrot for a long time and your search is finally over! Rico is the parrot you only meet once in your life, so you can’t miss him. Rico is loving, sweet, funny, intelligent, he has a charming personality that will melt you, and if all that doesn’t convince you, just look at his incredible face. Rico is ready to go, so make your home even more beautiful by bringing him today! Buy cockatoo online.


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