Vruchtbare papegaaieneieren te koop




Below is a price list of our available types of parrot eggs. Also available are winged parrot babies at very good prices.The 2022 macaw breeding season is all yours.Place your order from the list below.
-Blue and gold macaw eggs
– Hyacinth macaw eggs
-Scarlet macaw eggs
-Green winged macaw eggs

– Sulphur crested cockatoos eggs
– Umbrella cockatoos eggs
– Moluccan cockatoos eggs
-Major Mitchell cockatoos eggs
-African grey eggs
-Amazons eggs
All our eggs come in incubators including a CD manual and tips on parrot care, eggs and babies. We offer 100% warranty and guarantee on our eggs. email us for more information
whatsapp:+33 7 58 37 48 51
Characteristics: Chip: Chip, Gender: Male, Color: Blue, Age: Carine years, Purchase in rotterdam


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