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You can expect to pay for a fertile egg, sometimes a lot depending on the rarity of the bird, for a fertile egg.

The eggs will take between 2.5 and 4 weeks to hatch, depending on the species. The larger the bird, the longer the incubation, generally speaking. Clutches vary in size from two to six, and the female lays one a day. Incubators for egg-hatching are not essential kit for a breeder, but many do use them.

INCUBATION DURATION Parrot eggs supplier incubation periods can vary by breed but are typically between 21-24 days. Some parrot breeds can hatch in as little as 18 days. Hyacinth macaw eggs for sale, Scarlet Macaw Eggs, Macaw eggs for sale, Parrot eggs for sale, Fresh Chicken Table Eggs, African grey eggs for sale for sale, Cockatoo Eggs. Research your specific breed to find out how long your egg will need to be incubated. This article assumes a 24 day hatching cycle, so you may need to adjust based on your breed.

How do you make a bird egg fertile?

Birds reproduce by internal fertilization, during which the egg is fertilized inside the female. Like reptiles, birds have cloaca, or a single exit and entrance for sperm, eggs, and waste. The male brings his sperm to the female cloaca. The sperm fertilizes the egg.

Most people always asked (How do I know if my parrot egg is fertile?)

What you shoul do is to:

Crack open an egg to check for fertility.

  1. Fertile eggs will have a blastoderm that looks like a white bullseye or circle. …
  2. Infertile eggs will have a blastodisc that will have an irregular shape and its white color is very faint and foggy.
  3. All eggs will have a white spot or blastodisc whether or not it is fertile.
  4. An unfertilized egg hasn’t been fertilized by a male, so no viable embryo will be created. There’s no evidence to suggest it’s harmful for humans to eat parrot eggs, although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stressed that all eggs need to be cooked thoroughly.
  5. There can be many reasons for eggs to be infertile. The birds might not be old enough, they might not be truly bonded, they may not have incubated the eggs properly, one or both birds might have a problem, they may not have proper nutritionand the list can go on

What are the best aviaries to buy fertile parrot eggs?

Even so far as to suggest they would be shipped in a carefully packed box inside a working Covatutto incubator so the eggs would continue to incubate in transit… though the seller stopped responding to me when I mentioned I had that exact model of incubator and that it had to be plugged in to work!

Unlike chicken and other domestic poultry eggs, which are often bought and sold, parrot eggs are nearly always retained by the legitimate parrot breeder to hatch, because they are too valuable to risk in transit.

If you really want to breed parrots or raise baby parrots, you have a couple of much more likely to be successful ways.

  1. Get hired or volunteer at a shop or breeder’s facility where you can learn how to care for breeding pairs, how to incubate the eggs, and how to raise the young. You may then decide raising parrots is not for you with no real financial loss.
  2. Buy an adult, bonded, DNA sexed, parent-reared pair of your chosen species. Ideally a pair that has already proven they are capable of laying eggs that hatch. Yes, that would be more expensive than buying eggs, but at least you will get actual live parrots out of the exercise.


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