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Common in the northeastern regions of South America, Conure Parrots Eggs For Sale is a brightly colored parrot that closely resembles the Jenday parakeet and the green-cheeked parakeet. Because it exists as a monomorphic species, the males and females share the same physical characteristics.

How many clutches can a parakeet safely have per year?
In the wild, the parakeet’s breeding season is in the spring/summer. However, domesticated species can lay eggs all year round. This also means that parakeets can lay multiple clutches during a breeding season, although this can have health consequences. Ideally, you should allow your parakeet to lay 2-3 clutches.

Sun Conure Parrot Eggs
Conures begin to go through their adolescence phase when they are approximately 12-18 months old.
This can be accompanied by a host of behavioral changes as their hormones peak. Sun Conure Parrot Eggs
Get ready for a moody teen in bird form!
A common misconception is that puberty is the same as sexual maturity.
However, conures will not reach full sexual maturity until they are 2 years old.
Breeding a female too early can cause health problems and she may not yet be mature enough to want to sit on a clutch.
Conures can start laying eggs from the age of 1 to 2 years.
This is a normal part of the growth process.
Even if your parakeet lays eggs, it is recommended that you only breed parakeets when they are both over 2 years old.
The age at which parakeets stop laying eggs varies depending on the individual and the number of clutches they have had.
The average age is 7-10 years.
At this point they can no longer be bred.
However, your bird still has a lot of life ahead of it, as parakeets usually live about 15-20 years.


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