Double Yellow Head Amazon


we have an Amazon double yellow headed and It’s an female and she likes to sing and loves songs and music and she also loves to comes on hands and talk and she has papers and ring.

3 month old baby Amazon parrot. Bought at 2 months old but having to sell after a month due to surprise unexpected pregnancy and just can’t afford to give him the life he deserves with the extra demand of time and financial placed on are family. Price includes his cage/food bowls and toys. Contact if you want to no more. Open to Offers .

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The dog’s father is weak. A video is available. Large yellow two-headed parrot from the Magna Amazonia, old male. 11-12 years. to sing. The Royal Bird Company has decided not to expand its breeding program. That’s why we sell all single, unpaired and incompatible parrots as well as single pairs of parrots. This old man with two yellow heads was once an animal. Talk and sing. We kept him mid-flight and he stayed on a big flight for a few years waiting for a companion. We buy it for agriculture, but we will not expand agriculture.


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