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We offer a wide kind of fertile parrot eggs for sale.

We now have some very freshly laid and fertile kind of parrot eggs for sale, all our eggs are candle tested and 100% confirmed fertile with a shading guarantee on all fertile eggs. Below is a list of the eggs we have:

Congo Grey eggs,
Timneh Grey eggs,
Palm cockatoo eggs,
Gallah cockatoo eggs,
Goffin cockatoo eggs,
Umbrella cockatoo eggs,
Rose breasted cockatoo eggs,
B & G Macaw eggs,
Scarlet macaw eggs,
Greenwing macaw eggs,
DYH Amazon eggs,

We do not claim to have all species of parrot eggs as others claim, but we have some limited species for sale year round. Contact us now if you are looking to get your own babies hatching eggs stage


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