Papegaaien bevruchte eieren te koop met Incubators




Parrot fertilized eggs for sale with Incubators

We now have Fresh and fertile parrot eggs for sale.Each fertile parrot egg cost between 30 and 40euros.Our eggs come from our proven aviary mated pairs.We now have parrot and parrot eggs (fresh and DNA Tested) for sale, the following

types of parrot eggs for sale are,

-Congo African Grey Egg

Solomon’s Island Eclectus egg

Palm cockatoos egg

-Umbrela cockatoos egg

-Black palm cockatoos egg

-Moluccan cockatoos egg

Goffin cockatoos egg

Hyacinth macaw egg

-Greenwing macaw egg

-Blue & Gold macaw eggs

Egg Eclectus

-double yellow headed macaws

Catalina macaw egg

Scarlet-ara egg

Cockatoos-Moluccan egg


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